Saturday, July 09, 2011

CONVERSATIONS WITH leaving the tv on...

ilaika : mummy, you keep telling me to switch off the tv when i'm not watching it...why is your tv on?

me : oh i just stepped out of my room to get my cup of coffee...

ilaika : weeeeelllll, i just got up to poo and I switched off my tv!

me : oh, SOR-REEEEE....(with a silent ARRRGHHHH!!)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

THE PERFECT KITCHEN...still loving white...

here's another white kitchen i really love, designed by Molly Frey and featured in Traditional Home

the almost purely white kitchen looks so inviting, spacious and airy, and is brought to life with accents of soft colour from the flowers, dishes, vases and most importantly, food.

i love the symmetrical mirrored french doors, the gray tiled backsplash and the stainless steel one in the centre, and the open shelves with dishes for easy accessibility. it's the kind of kitchen that's the hub of the home and one where friends could hang about in whilst helping out with setting the table ;)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

CONVERSATIONS WITH the car park...

cinomonyet sees the reserved lot with the wheelchair symbol and asks, "what's this picture for?" to which i answered, "it's a special parking lot just for people with wheelchairs, like your great grandmother."

she gives me a puzzled look and says, "oh but what if someone comes by and steals the wheelchair...??"

Friday, July 01, 2011


and so the search has begun ;)

one would have thought with all the baking i've done, i'd already have an idea of what my perfect kitchen would look like. ironically, i don't. well, i kinda do but the more i look online and the more interior decor magazines i read, the more i'm undecided. there are SOOO many different looks, appliances, finishes, styles etc out there and it's just too difficult to choose just one look!

after all my research, i have however decided that the ultra-modern and super minimalist looks are just too sterile for my taste. i admire them and i'd oooh and aahhh over them but they're just not homely enough. they're the kind of spaces where i'd be afraid to touch anything for fear that i'd mess it up.

i've also decided that i'd like a kitchen with white cabinets, touches of black and bits of gray. 

surprisingly, the kitchen design that appealed to me the most was one by ikea. boring, you might say? but wait...have a look before you judge and you might just share the same sentiments as me...

i love the cleanliness of the white wooden cabinets in contrast to the black countertops and dark wooden floorboards, the fully utilised open shelving against the whitewashed brick wall and the organised yet purposeful mess captured in these pictures. oh and i absolutely adore the industrial vintage feel of the pendant lights and the stainless steel trolley.

from all the cakes and bowl of icing on the island counters, i'm guessing that this kitchen was designed with a baker in mind. isn't it just perfect? now, if only i can squeeze all these lovely elements into my new kitchen, which i reckon is about half the size of this one....sigh...i love it, i love it ;)

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