Sunday, June 27, 2010

mr me to you...

have you met this scruffy grey teddy bear? i'm sure you've seen him around...this adorable "me to you" bear is the cutest lil soft toy, ever! well, maybe not the cutest ilaikabear is my cutest soft toy ever but hey, i'm a biased mummy ;p

aaanyways, back to mr "me to you"....


* picture courtesy of jaime tan

a few months ago, i was asked to bake a cake for baby aston's first birthday. inspired by ilaika's first party, aston's mum, jaime wanted a boyish version of the bears & blocks cake using the "me to you" bear. with the colour theme of blue and grey, here's aston's first birthday cake...


* picture courtesy of jaime tan

i plonked the actual soft toy on the top of the cake so aston could keep the cuddly bear for himself.


* picture courtesy of jaime tan

to match the bear's scruffiness, i made the vanilla buttercream frosting really messy and mixed it with crushed oreos...this vanilla oreo frosting was really divine. eaten cold, it tasted like choc chip ice cream!

i played around with different shades of blue to make the fondant stars and circles that decorated the rest of the cake. this was the fun part as fondant is very much like play doh ;)


oh i also made these cute cupcakes with matching stars and circles...


my personal favourite is the XOX cupcake...from me to you, lil aston ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my first wedding cake!

one of my closest friends, ayu tied the knot in may.

when she announced that she was getting married, i was all up for helping out in any way i could...until she asked me to bake her wedding cake! it wasn't that i didn't want to. of course i did...i was definitely flattered and very very honoured that she would even consider me to bake her cake. but boy was my answer a nervous yes! i mean, i've baked birthday cakes and all but a wedding cake? now that's a once in a lifetime reception...(well, for most, anyways!) 

then of course, there's that lil added pressure that's involved with working on a is after all, the fairy tale party that every little girl dreams of. but ayu and i go way back to our days in boarding school so i really couldn't say no, could i?

inspired by the lovely peggy porschen, i initially wanted to put together a three tiered cake. alas, as much as ayu was ever so confident of my baking skills, i just couldn't conjure up enough courage to attempt such a masterpiece.

so i took the easy way out and chose cupcakes instead! 

i found a simple seven tier stand and called upon the help of another classmate of ours. after a brief discussion, we had a rough idea in mind and got together for a "testing" the week before the reception...

we started off with these lovely china roses...


and these delectably moist vanilla butter cupcakes...


and played around with classic buttercream and gold dragees...


i'm so darn proud of our not-so-little project that i just couldn't wait any longer for the official wedding photographer's here's my blurry iphone snapshot ;)


not bad for a first timer huh?  ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

a whole load of fluff and even more stuff...

hello peeps...


sorry sorry sorry sorry...

i feel terrible cos i haven't been here for close to two months!


(did i already say i'm sorry?)

i don't know how it happened but as things usually do happen, i had my hands full with a whole load of fluff and even more stuff....i didn't even realise so much time had gone by since my last post on quack packs!

i really missed this space but i'm back now ;) did you miss me? i definitely missed you...

am looking forward to catching up with you and sharing all the stuff that's been happening and all  the fluff that i'm currently working on in my lil world of fluff & stuff. what about you...what's been baking in your oven?

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