Monday, March 22, 2010

a lil insight on what i do...

just after i posted the pics of ilaika's butterfly party, someone said on twitter that i should start a party planning business and my response was...this IS the start ;) so i guess perhaps i should elaborate more on what i do do and where all this is headed...

i actually have a full-time job, like a nine to five day job (though the hours are more like nine to seven and on some occasions, it goes on til much much later).  i work in the hospitality industry where i handle pr & marketing for a convention centre and its two f&b outlets.

however, as some of you may know, i've always loved baking and since i've had ilaika, i've especially enjoyed it even more cos i've had an excuse to indulge in her parties.  i discovered that not only was i not too bad a baker, but i was also quite a closet party planner! 

so just after ilaika's second birthday bash, a friend of mine insisted i take up an order for biscuits for her own daughter's party & that's where it all began. i slowly received orders every now and then. it's come to a point where now, i have an order or two a week. somewhere in between, i've also helped plan a few parties and indulged in more of ilaika's parties, as well as designed invitations.

so what started as a hobby & passion is now slowly evolving to a business. 

thinking big picture, i named the brand, fluff & stuff. 

fluff could be defined as frivolous things and stuff as the essence or substantial element of something. these definitions seemed apt for the things i planned to do. the positioning was whilst all my party decor & goodies, intricate attention to detail & insistence on having every single thing go with the theme are merely fluff & stuff, they are items that i've just got to have. i therefore can totally relate to the temptation of wanting to have everything simply perfect. so my role is assisting my clients in indulging those tempting desires ;)

from there, i decided to name the party planning portion, party fluff and the baking portion, sweet stuff.

incidently, this weekend, i spent a lil bit of time trying to come up with a few logos and so far, these were the few i came up with...

any thoughts on these?

i still need to fine tune the logos, branding and taglines and am also in the process of setting up a proper website, so for now, this blog and these logos should suffice....

in the meantime, drop me a line or two if you have a party you'd like to indulge in. with another year to ilaika's next birthday, the closet party planner in me is simply itching to plan another party ;)


  1. Hey Izzie! Wow, didnt even know you had a blog! Love the blog design and LURVEEE the logos! Can I link you to my blog girl?

  2. hey shen! if u look back at my previous posts, i actually kinda started bloggin when ilaika was zara's age. but i was so not disciplined with my posts! it's only recently that i've started again & am really enjoying it now. i've got lots to learn so there's still loads of trial and error...

    link it, babe ;)

  3. oh and i'm SOOOO happy u like the design & logos!


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