Monday, May 10, 2010

ranya's duckie pack...

my friend, amee was inspired by the features i had posted for rubber duckie parties. ranya, her daughter turned one over the weekend and she put together a duckie party with these ideas in mind.

look at the ultra cute party pack she gave away (based on my party file's duckie soap dish):




this is definitely a month for quacky own niece's duckie luau is this coming saturday so i'm all quacked up for it ;)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

happy mother's day...

a quick wish to all mums out there. it's not always easy being a mum and realistically, no one's perfect. god blessed your child with a mum like you, so it could only mean you're the perfect mum for your child ;)


happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

baby hadran's bottles & prams...

my nephew, hadran, had his potong jambul ceremony this morning and as a gift, i made the boy version of zara's prams.


aren't these super cute?!

Friday, May 07, 2010

leya's quacky invites...

remember my recent posts on rubber duckies and pink/yellow themes? well, we are going to use several elements from those posts for my niece's 1st birthday. it's gonna be a luau with ducks and flowers....and here's a sneak peek of leya's quacky invites, a {fluff and stuff} work of art ;)


isn't she such an adorable baby? she has SO much hair that i fondly refer to her as a bundle of hair hehe

the party's next weekend so i'm getting rather quackily'll be our first debut together as a team. the good news is - we have SO many lovely ideas and i can't wait to share them all with you ;) more updates to come...wish us luck!

Monday, May 03, 2010

{fluff and stuff}

it's been a busy few weeks and loads of exciting things are happening in my world of fluff and stuff ;)

as you may have read here, i've been putting quite a bit of thought into my lil hobby cum business (if i can call it that!) and still had quite a fair bit of work to do with regards to the overall setup, branding and logos. shortly after that post, opportunity came knocking on my door when  a friend, melissa asked if i'd like to team up with her and her cousin, audrey. melissa is an interior designer and audrey is a graphic designer. how perfect! 

now, i love decorating and have spent hours drooling over interior decorating magazines and party decor sites. i also love thinking up of designs for labels, invites and all sorts. sadly, i'm sure you've noticed my techy skills are still limited to power point (as mentioned here)...thus there's always this lil nagging feeling that i might not be able to put down on paper what i really have in my head ;p hence, teaming up with mel and audrey would really complement all my work.

so the three of us met one night and hit it off immediately. what's great is they also share my love for scrapbooking and are far far far more experienced at it than i am.

almost as if the universe sensed something great was in the making (!), we almost instantly had a few things lined up to work on. how wonderful!

here's our one of our first projects together. it's simple due to the time constraint but it's pretty and straight to the point:

we prepared this flyer for the upcoming ibu bazaar. karen, a loyal sweet stuff fan and  my dear new friend, kindly offered us the chance to contribute to their goody bags.  i really wanted to bake lil biscuits for each bag but was worried about baking and handling 500 biscuits, so we decided to just go with a simple flyer for a start. 

those of you in kl, do drop by bangsar village on 9 may 2010. it sounds like it'll be an absolutely fun-filled day. do click here for a feel of last year's bazaar...if you do go, remember to pick up a goody bag and our fluff and stuff flyer ;)

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