Thursday, September 24, 2009

it's a boy!

before you get all gooey & excited, allow me to clarify -- no, i'm not expecting another baby. despite the constant "so when's your next one" hints, i think i shall stay away from that subject for at least a few more months. selfish as it may sound, i am not quite ready for yet another bout of sleepless nights & feeling like a dairy cow! this, of course, is a completely different story that i shall save for another day...
a couple i just recently came to know, has just been blessed with an angelic baby boy. mind you, his mother will beg to differ that he is only angelic in the presence of other people and is quite a little monster behind closed doors - something many mums will be able to relate to!

this little angel will be a month old soon and his lovely mum has asked me to design some biscuits & matching invites for his naming ceremony. i've only ever made invites for myself & ilaika's parties but never for anyone else. hence, i had quite a bit of fun with my power point* & mac book pro these past few days. 
* yes, am still using power point...i SO have to start using a "proper" design software soon!
i started with a blank "canvas" and two boyish colours - blue & brown. it turns out the mum is like me - we both prefer our invites to be not so kiddish. however, i couldn't completely ignore the fact that this was an event for a i still had to include childlike elements into the theme. i used some digital scrapbooking ideas -- added some stripes, a few circles & a couple of's the initial design i came up with:

- front -


- back -

it's no mona lisa but i was kinda proud of this. not bad for a newbie, me thinks ;)

thankfully, the mum liked it too. we made a few changes here & there, added the baby's pic & sent it off for print. i'll share more when the invites & biscuits are ready...

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