Friday, September 18, 2009

raya greetings...

with hari raya (or commonly known as eid in some parts of the muslim world) just a couple of days away, the office is rather quiet; many are already on leave, the phones are not ringing and if i concentrate really hard, i can hear a bird chirping outside!

i work in a convention centre. on a normal day, we have thousands of people in the building attending conferences & events; some are here to dine in our two f&b outlets. hence, it is a rare occasion to have the building feel like ghost town....but i welcome the peace & quiet with open arms. indeed, it is great for wrapping up loose ends and catching up on dreary admin work. it's also great as we can actually play some music as there are no clients walking in and out of the office.

it also means i can take a few minutes to wish everyone a very very very happy raya holiday! do drive safely if you are leaving town...and do go easy on the delicious raya feast  ;)  yes, i shall constantly remind myself of this too!

as with christmas, raya is a season for (amongst other things) giving, forgiving & being with loved ones. so i made raya greetings to give away....unfortunately, i can't courier to everyone. instead i'll share them with you here.


lots of love always...



  1. Selamat Hari Raya babe. Maaf Zahir Batin.
    Wish I could try some of your raya cookies.

  2. thanks karen! am looking fwd to yr daughter's birthday ;)

    lisa, s'mat hari raya to you too. i'll make some just for you the nxt time you're home!


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