Tuesday, April 06, 2010

rubber duckie, anyone...?

rubber duckie, you're the one,
you make bathtime lots of fun,
rubber duckie, I'm awfully fond of you;
woo woo be doo
rubber duckie, joy of joys,
when i squeeze you, you make noise!
rubber duckie, you're my very best friend, it's true!
doo doo doo doo, doo doo

i love this sesame street song...don't you? i've been humming it over and over again since i had a conversation with my friend regarding her daughter's first birthday...

she originally planned on a mermaid swimming party but wasn't too sure if it'd be suitable especially since her daughter doesn't even know what a mermaid is...i jumped at the opportunity to plan/propose yet another party  ;)

i know it's been done to death as a theme for baby showers but i think a 1st rubber duckie birthday. would be so fun! if i hadn't done bears & blocks for ilaika's first, i would have gone with ducks. alas, a kid can only have one first birthday so i had to kiv that theme. but don't you think it's a great  idea? at that age, the child will most likely recognise a  yellow rubber duck and since he/she can't do much else yet, a mini wading pool filled with ducks would make an excellent party activity!

here are a few rubber duckie parties i love...

bubbly ducky brunch

this bubbly ducky brunch was gorgeous...from the colour-coordinated plates and placemats and the bubbles in the cutlery to the table centrepiece with the ducks and those blue and yellow m&m's (in the right pic just above this para).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

quack quack little duck

this birthday party for ella looked so doubly duckly fun! the bright colour palette of yellow and red made a cheerful impact on the overall decor. i especially love the cupcake wrap and flag toppers in the top collage as well as the duckie twist to two classic party games (in the middle collage) - pin the beak on the duckie and the duckie pinnata! 

if you love this theme and would like to get your hands on the invites, (as below) visit the alannah rose wesbite (or click here) to order.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

here are other great ideas to consider..

cake & candles

how adorably cute is this? a few cupcakes and duckie candles put together to make a bubbly bath for the duckies!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

duckie party packs

a great idea to cut a duck out on an otherwise plain paper bag. fill it up with sweets and colourful goodies to tempt the kids!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

duckie soap dish

another great themed idea is to get soap boxes and fill them up with sweets and candies or even crayons etc. i'm thinking it'd also be great to fill them up with bubble bath salts or capsules but just make sure you label and seal them carefully, just in case the kids think they're sweet stuff to munch on!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

oooo...can you tell? i'm really looking forward to planning this party!

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