Wednesday, April 07, 2010

a floral cupcake bouquet...

mother's day is a month and a few days away. it's time to start planning what to bake!

last year, i tried being a lil bit adventurous and played around with candy melts. inspired by bakerella, i went on a shopping spree but could only find the wilton candy melts here in kl. unfortunately, those didn't taste too good. as it turns out, candy melts are not entirely easy to work with either. i have a feeling it's due to our hot and humid malaysian weather :(

i followed bakerella's instructions carefully right down to the exact colours (cos they were so pretty) and i even used the microwaveable bottles as she did. it initially seemed so simple but i found it tough getting the candy to melt to the desired consistency. then the ones that did set, started melting as soon as i took them out of the freezer. i had soooo many broken hearts (!) and flowers but i managed to salvage a few and thankfully, they survived the deliveries to nearby friends and relatives.

here are some pictures captured by nurul, my sister-in-law...i cropped these for a close-up of the candy melts so do click here for the original pics and more.



mine aren't as perfect as bakerella's but i do think this floral cupcake bouquet turned out pretty adorable ;)


  1. hye2..! may i know, where did u get the candy melt here in KL? tq.

    1. hi nisa, thanks for your comment and SO sorry for the long overdue reply. i bought these candy melts from icca. they have a few branches in kl and pj --->

      good luck!


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