Saturday, April 03, 2010

alice tea party, anyone...?

a few weeks ago, we took ilaika to watch alice in wonderland. it was her first trip to the movies and boy, did she love it! 

with all the hype on alice these days, i really wish i could have a whimsical tea party for ilaika but since her birthday is way over and i'm still recovering from the party havoc (!) i'll have to settle with  just admiring these lovely parties and inspirations...

alice in wonderland 
- as hosted & captured by gwendolyn grace photography -

gwendolyn used bright and fun colours for her party decor and they came together so well. i just love this element of arts & craft! they decorated their first initials - perfect for a smaller group of young girls. and it makes a great gift to take home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

annabelle in wonderland!
- as captured by jessica claire -

check out the special chairs for the three birthday girls...this party was so beautifully decorated and i bet the kids had so much fun - there was a petting zoo AND alice herself to help with the face-painting!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

alice in wonderland tea party
- as captured by loreta -

simple ideas on how to decorate the table with the antique looking clock and cards scattered on the table. oh also equally simple idea but oh-so-pretty cupcake sprinkles...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

alice in wonderlandia
- as featured by hostess with the mostess and organised by lollipop events & designs -

everything about this party is gorgeous and perfect..from the tablecloth to the chair covers (which are actually aprons! click here for the diy) and from the flowers to the tea & saucer set and the whimsical stacked cups! the champagne bottles in the watering cans are a great idea too but perhaps for kids, we ought to replace the bubbly with bubbles ;)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

party inspiration : alice in wonderland tea party
- as compiled by becca of birthday girl blog -

becca puts together lovely inspiration boards for all sorts of parties and this is one  of the many that i really love. visit her blog for more party inspiration and some tips on putting this whimsical party together.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

message-in-a-cookie cutters
- product by williams-sonoma -

imagine having these coloured biscuits with  E A T  M E  on them! i can't wait to get my hands on these cutters. i just got an email from them saying they're "no longer available" :( but am keeping my fingers crossed til they stock up on these cute lil things! in the meantime, i've got some bollipops leftover from my latest order of vespa goodies so i'll play around with these to soothe my  (ahem) "creative soul" ;p more to come soon...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i'm late - resin alice in wonderland necklace
- handmade by stoopidgerl -

this handmade pendant would make a cool party pack item for the girls to take home...i know ilaika would SO love this!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

alice in wonderland party collection
- as found on polyvore & compiled by rayban love, portia & julieta  -

oh i love these polyvores! it just proves how this theme is so easy to work with - there's so much you can do and you can hardly ever go wrong cos in a quirky & whimsical way, nothing really matches yet everything does match ;)

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  1. Hi Im Julieta from polyvore *-* I really enjoy this, Alice in wonderland its so inspiring and lovely... ^^



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