Thursday, April 08, 2010

pink and yellow, anyone...?

following my previous post on a rubber duckie party, i realised that most rubber duckie parties tend to be yellow and blue, most likely due to the water element that comes with rubber duckies. well, my friend wants to incorporate pink into the colour palette for her lil girl's first birthday.

so yours truly needed inspiration and went googling again ;) here are some ideas we could play with...

fuschia & yellow spring party 
- as compiled by the party dress -

click here for credits and more info

wouldn't this fuschia and yellow set up be great? just imagine combining these bits of fuschia and yellow with cheerful rubber duckies!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

pretty in pink party

i also found this pink 80's-style* baby shower inspired by the movie pretty in pink. it's the first duckie party i've come across to have pink as part of the colour theme and it was pretty!

* going a wee bit off track  now but check out those pink cassettes - perfect for an 80's party!
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paper rosettes

aren't these paper rosettes so pretty? the pic above was a simple diy project by creature comforts for a circus party. if you'd like to try it out, you can use this tutorial by martha stewart.

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whilst you're at martha stewart's site, also look up this tutorial for tissue pompoms...

these yellow and pink pom poms could represent bath sponges!

i wanted to do these for ilaika's butterfly party just because they're oh-so-pretty but i already had so many other lovely ideas that i really didn't have enough time to put these together. oh well, hopefully i'll get to make them at her next party!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

just imagine all these pretty pink elements put together with yellow rubber duckies.....sweet rubber duck!

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