Sunday, March 21, 2010

vespa, anyone...?

am currently working on an order with a vespa theme.

now, i'm no fact, the only thing i ever do to my car is fill up petrol so when i think of vespa, a few things & images come to mind - vintage, rome & audrey hepburn...

- scenes from roman holiday -

needing more fuel for inspiration, i started surfing for other are a few i really like...

 - awww how cute is this battery-operated peg perego vespa gt for kids? can't decide which is cuter : the mini vespa or the mini love birds! -
(pic courtesy of vespa obsession)

- fancy a bubblegum vespa? ok, it's actually called a vespa rosa but it's so bubblegummy pink! -

- and how about a gap designed versa splash? -

if only malaysian weather wasn't so hot & humid and more importantly if only our motorists weren't so crazy...i might just be tempted to buy me one of these! perhaps i'll look for one of the mini ones for ilaika to zoom around in!

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