Saturday, March 20, 2010

ice cream, anyone...?

i've just stumbled on this lovely party post by becca of birthday girl. it's a great party organised by catherine clay for her daughter's 4th birthday.  i just love the colours and articulate attention to detail. and of course, what a fabulous idea for a child's party - a tempting ice cream buffet AND a fun photo booth!

these party pics from catherine's blog were shared on becca's post...

i know it's a little pre-mature but i think i've found my inspiration for ilaika's next party ;p


  1. haha looks like the big bash of 3 will not be the last! :P

  2. oh if i do an ice cream buffet, it'll definitely hv to be a small party! can u imagine feeding 60 kids ice cream?! it'll be a sugar-high chaos ;p


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