Tuesday, March 23, 2010

share the love, grab a button...and a few other links too!

just for fun, i created my own blog button. i have no knowledge on html etc but i really wanted to attempt putting up my own blog button. every blog seemed to have one so i figured it probably wasn't rocket science...hence, i did a lil googling and found this tutorial by A Heart for Home. it's simple & straightforward...and i was right, it really isn't rocket science! click here for the tutorial and you'll know what i mean...

i placed the fluff & stuff button on the right column of this blog  (right after everything else i've plonked there). scroll down thru and you'll see the button as well as the html script...but since you were nice enough to read this post, i've placed it here too...

fluff & stuff

you probably know how to do this already but if you don't, just copy and paste this html script to the add gadget function of your layout page....that's, of course, if you'd like to add it to your blog.! let me know if you do so i can see for myself if it works on another blog ;)

oh have you noticed some other things i did? yup, i added a signature followed by a linkwithin widget after each post (see the bottom of this post where you can see "you might like" followed by three related posts...) ...

fantastic! well it's fantastic to me anyways heheh. i'm just so excited that i did all this. i mean, i still hv no idea what all the html stuff mean but i know they definitely work cos they appear fine on the blog ;) so yay me!

visit the linkwithin site if you'd like to have this widget on your blog too. 

if you're keen on adding a signature to your blog, follow this great tutorial by www.kevinandamanda.com (sound familiar? i mentioned this site on a previous post ). it's a great site and amanda's tutorials are SO easy to follow. the next one i'm gonna read up is on how to convert my own handwriting into a font...now, how cool is that?! will keep you posted when i get around to doing it...

oh one last thing - if like me, after having succesfully put up both, your signature appears after the linkwithin widget as opposed to before the widget, let me know...i'll put up a separate post on this. it took me a while and a bit of trial & error to figure it out; i had to look up a few different sites and put them together! but it was really simple - a matter of copy & paste...i just need to backtrack and take note of what i did...!


  1. Hi there, any chance you remember how to place your signature above Linkwithin widget? Thanks for your help!

    1. hi summer! thanks for posting a comment and am so sorry for this late reply! have been caught up amidst a career change, house renovations and major move and hence have been neglecting this blog :(

      am afraid i don't recall the exact steps to move the signature above the widget but i do remember having to cut and paste the signature html code and move it above that of the linkwithin widget. will try look into it these next couple of weeks if i have the time. sorry i can't be of much help at the moment!


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