Thursday, March 01, 2012

{fluff & stuff} presents...ALIS IN WONDERLAND

nope, that's not a typo error. sweet little Alis turned one and her mum asked for an Alis in Wonderland theme. we'd done this theme before but with a more grown up approach so we were thrilled when we received this request ;)

the party took place a year ago but you know me...lots of delay in updating my blog posts! this year's resolution is to be more disciplined with my updates *keeping my fingers crossed here* 

anyhooooo, i forgot that i hadn't posted this yet and only just remembered cos it's that time of year again...ilaika's party! gosh...she's turning five soon. how time flies! now she has a mind of her own and a very strong will to go with it (!), she wanted to pick the theme for her party. her first choice was a swimming party (or rather a mermaid one) but i really think ilaika and her little friends are a tad bit young to be swimming on their own in the pool and i doubt our pool is large enough to accomodate all the kids and parents together!

so i showed her pics of alis' party and she's now excited to have (in her own words), "a flowers and alice and wonderland" theme!

i uploaded most of them to our facebook page but here are some of the pics i showed her. hope you're as easily impressed as my lil missy ;)

some of you may recognise the super cute designs of the flag bunting, toppers, tags etc. anis, alis' mum had them customised from lovely Kim of the tomkat studio ...aren't they just perfect? 

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