Tuesday, September 19, 2006

first timer

this is my first attempt at blogging my life. yes, a blogging virgin, you might say. well, not entirely true - i started a few times but never got past the design stage. every single time, it felt like it was too time consuming. plus i wasn't too sure that others would really want to read about my life, and even if they did, would they even find it remotely interesting to keep them coming back for more? let's just say, it's not exactly bradelina or tomkat material!

now however, recent events in my life (well, actually just one main one) has left with quite a bit of time to spare. some self-imposed me-time more like, that really has got me thinking about life in general, where i come from, where i've been, where i'm headed, and where i'll end up. and all because of:


yes, that little blob you see is my little angel at 7 weeks, taken on 25 july 2006. i know it doesn't look like much but it's inside me and well...it's caused several changes to my life thus far. both good and bad.

don't get me wrong - this doesn't mean my life is a lot more interesting now. it just means i have a lot more time. a lot more than i did before and i reckon a lot more than i'll ever have again once the lil one arrives.

and who cares if no one reads my blog. it might be healing and do me some good ;)


  1. of course there'll be peeps readin ur blog!! nway congrats on you being pregnant!! can be his/her godfather ah? can la..puhlesssss

  2. hey!
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
    u look absolutely glowing too. ; )

    luv & hugz!

  3. Izreen... wow. many congratulations
    my dear. you having a baby has made
    me feel like i haven't grown up @ all.
    haha. men... i guess we never really
    grow up. ;) great hearing from you and
    keep on bloggin'. i dont have one
    myself but i have been pondering on
    starting one. you have inspired me.
    from us in BASIC to me in chicago
    working and you married and starting
    a family. c'est la vie amor... take care
    baby girl!


    BTW "Johann" is a FANTASTIC name for a child... very the 'ong'.


  5. congratulations on your pregnancy!

  6. Many will read... many will comment. Most to themselves or to some other random person, and the few will take the time to post a few words here. As I am. :-) So yey! Well done you, firstly on becoming a blogger (it IS quite fun really) and more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on your 'lil blob' growing in you. :-) I wish you a good pregnancy ahead and an easy labour and delivery nanti. Who's your gynae btw?


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