Monday, November 27, 2006

oops...! i did it again!


I did, didn’t I? I started the blog and then I abandoned it...again! I sense an unhealthy pattern going on here. My only saving grace being with each attempt, I get further than the previous attempt. And I say that with my fingers crossed.

It has been two months since my first and last blog! And silly me did not even know that so many people had left comments! Oops! Isn’t Friendster supposed to notify me when someone leaves a comment?? I guess not. Aaanyways, thank you soooo much for all those comments. If only I’d read them sooner! Now that I’ve read them, I definitely want to write more. For starters:

Luqman – Godfather huh? Only if you promise to cook gourmet meals for me all the time (you still owe me one)…and also fancy hors d'oeuvres for the baby’s birthday bashes!
Moe – Yes, BOYS will always be BOYS! And yes, we’ve come a long way from those basic days, haven’t we?! Must catch up when you come back – you can be cool Uncle Moe!
Jo – With reference to the “very the ong” name, I’m not sure I’d be too happy to see my baby follow in his namesake’s footsteps – all dressed in speedos and performing ballet (what on earth were you thinking??) but thanks for the thought dear!
Mrika – Thanks for the note of support – will message you separately i.e. the gynae matters ;)
Adeline, Lyn & Izan – Thank you for the well wishes!

And back to the current blog – it is with great delight and shameless glee, that I inform you that I am now officially on “extended leave” until I pop in March, at which time I will have 2 months maternity leave. All in all, that’s close to half a year off work – yay! (Farez, if you’re reading this, sorry to steal your thunder :p on the bright side, yours is paid leave and a well deserved one too…congrats on the awards!)

So here’s a great big welcome to taitaidom…
(Zain, please don’t cringe!)

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