Wednesday, December 27, 2006

breezing thru the first trimester

I used to occasionally wonder if conceiving would be easy or if I’d face problems. Not that I was asking for it…but I hear tales and it just made me ponder over the possibility. After all, one can never be too sure. And to be fair, we did put it off for two years. What I definitely did not bank on was getting preggers as soon as we thought of trying!


It was a sweet surprise but one that hit me quite hard. There I was – suddenly overwhelmed and faced with the dilemma of making major lifestyle changes, some immediately and some more in the not too near future. One thing that was for certain was that life as I knew it would never quite be the same again. And suddenly, I doubted if I was really ready…

First on the list were the fags and the booze. The latter was easy. Despite being teased as an “alcho” by some, there were no second thoughts over this vice. The former took a bit more courage but my guilt got the better of me and within a day, I ended that ten-year bittersweet relationship. sigh...two thumbs up for me :p

The next thing on my list was to brace myself for all those scary stories of first trimester pregnancy blues – where some are bed ridden for three months straight and others practically move into the toilet!

I must be “one of the chosen ones” though. Ok – maybe not the most appropriate choice of words. You see, apparently only a small percentage of women are lucky enough to not have morning sickness. And surprisingly, I was one of them. Mum didn’t experience it either, so it could be genetic. But still, you can never be too sure so I waited…

and I waited…

and I waited…

and it never came!

The only symptoms I experienced were fatigue (which was a great excuse to sleep!), a bionic sense of smell (I swear I could smell Zain’s sports deodorant miles away – through walls and doors!) and a great big appetite (although I suspect this was more of my sweet tooth using the pregnancy as an excuse to binge…oink oink!).

Of course, being the constant worry wart that I am, I just had to check with trusty mr googles – and lo and behold, I found something to worry about: apparently, women who suffer less morning sickness or none at all, are three times more likely to miscarry than those who did!! Oh great…I don’t know why I find things to worry about. And so, worry I did for those first few months.

And before I knew it, my little blob turned into a slightly more distinguishable blob with a head and a body!


This is the little angel at just over 11 weeks (and 3 kgs on! oink oink again!). Only then did it really hit me that I was pregnant and my angel was here to stay.

And that’s how I breezed thru the first trimester...

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