Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the "firsts" of the second trimester

They say the second trimester is supposed to be the best among all three pregnancy trimesters – like the calm after the storm, like spring after a long winter. Seeing as I experienced neither “the storm” nor “a long winter”, it would be odd to say that the second trimester was as calm as spring. In retrospect, as I approach the end of the pregnancy (yes, almost there!), I would say it was the most interesting trimesters of all, as there were a lot of “firsts”.

For the first time, my hair was full of body (like I’d gone to the hairdresser's everyday and believe you me, my scalp is usually like an oil field). I also felt more energetic compared to the first trimester, so I started enjoying makeup again. I also suddenly went wild shopping. Well, ok – this is not really a first but honestly, while most people would crave food, I craved shopping (which made me think baby might be a girl).

I even dared venture out late and made a trip to Laundry! Yes, woohoo…well done, Iz!

Laundry 170906.jpg
Believe it or not, I also experienced my first burp!! Yes, Miss Demure here had never had the pleasure of being introduced to a personal burp…ever. And once that first one popped out, it just didn’t stop. There were times, I felt so barbaric (and then this made me think baby could be a boy!).

One of the first obgyn I met, told me that calcium didn’t have to come from just milk alone. Seeing as I’m slightly lactose intolerant, he suggested ice cream and such. That was enough substantiation for me. I suddenly (and very conveniently) developed an extreme, extreme liking for chocolate. And not just any chocolate, mind you. It had to be Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate, Baskin Robbins’ Chocolate Ice Cream or San Francisco Coffees’ Extreme Chocolate (which was the best cos it had both ice cream & chocolate in one drink). Yes, how very convenient indeed :) mmmmm…

It didn’t help as well that my obgyn at that time, Dr N, was very sarcastic about my lack of weight gain. After having overdone the weight gain marathon in my first trimester, my body seemed to have decided to take things slowly. So while my tummy was expanding and my waistline was rapidly disappearing, my weight just maintained at the same mark, plus minus 1kg. I can still hear the doc in her ever so shrill Pollyanna voice, “I see baby’s still eating up mummy this month, isn’t she…!” This, of course, gave me more justification to pig out...oink oink!

Oh yes, we also discovered our little angel is a she. My little princess. She didn’t quite look like a princess the time we found out though. Far from it, she had her legs very wide apart, almost as if she was mocking me! Not very lady like but that’s my little princess for you…

We also saw her sucking her thumb, hiccupping and (this, I could have imagined) talking to us (she looked directly at us and her mouth opened and closed almost as if telling us something). Most definitely teary-eyed moments.

Towards the end of the second trimester, we saw Dr P for the first time and instantly decided to change doctors. He was a lot more gentle, patient and thorough than Dr N, who had a tendency to trivialise things and practised a very hi-bye service. With Dr P, my fears and questions were answered, my curiosity was fed and the spoilt brat in me was happy. Plus, he had a really fancy boutique clinic which was a bonus!

So, all in all, the second trimester was full of interesting "firsts"…

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