Wednesday, February 17, 2010

butterflies in my tummy...two wks to the party!

a couple of weeks ago, i put up a post on having to plan ilaika's upcoming's a lil update. 

if you can recall, she wanted a dora-turns-princess-goes-swimming you can imagine how  preoccupied i've been, trying to come up with party ideas which met my party fluff criteria of fun, pretty and definitely not tacky. needless to say, with a jumbled up theme like that, i wasn't very succesful. luckily for me, over the weekend,  i decided to source for inspiration and what better way to be inspired (apart from surfing the net) than to go shopping!

so there we were, ilaika & i, at the gardens mall. as we walked into the centre concourse area, the lil one's face lit up with excitement and glee as she saw their chinese new year decorations...the theme was "properous flutters at the gardens mall"...

what a brilliant idea! whilst most other places had standard lanterns for their decor, this mall had butterfly cut outs in many colours, hanging from their high ceiling and perched on the side boards. i took a few pics with my iphone but believe you me, the pics don't do them much justice. even though they were just paper, the butterflies beautifully coloured the empty and otherwise void space...




ilaika was mesmerised! she kept saying how pretty they were. i did the opportunist thing and asked her if she'd prefer these for her party and to my relief, she excitedly said, "yes!"

so i went home, did more inspiration searching online and came across christina williams' blog where she shared this pic from pottery barn kids...such a simple idea - butterfly cut outs of pretty patterned papers using a single template to use as wall decor...a perfect and almost fool-proof d.i.y. project ;)


also pretty and simple-ish-looking decor d.i.y. are pictured in the pics below from martha stewart...


how about a butterfly garden chair to sit on?

as for the dessert spread, i absolutely love these pretty cupcake wrappers from king arthur flour...pity they don't sell these in kl and there's not much time to have them delivered...

and look at these too-pretty-to-eat biscuits from the little rose bakery...

yes...i've stayed away from posting up child-like butterfly party decor...not due to lack of them (there were so many online) but just cos these ones are way prettier ;)

i'm all fluttery from butterfly activity now and with just two weeks to the party, i've got em butterflies in my tummy! i can't wait to get started with the cut out d.i.y. wall decor. think i'm gonna try to draw out my own template...if it's nice, i'll share it with wish me luck!

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