Friday, October 14, 2011


a month to go til our big move!

we've torn down the kitchen wall so there is no longer a wet and dry kitchen. instead, there will be a slightly larger square-ish one. the kitchen door will be a full height glass french door that opens up to the dining area.

my idea of separating the formal living room and the dining area was vetoed out by the darling hubs in the last minute; hence that space is now a large open plan living/dining area...which means the decor of the dining area has to somewhat complement that of the living room.

so here's how i imagine the dining room will look like...

the dining room

...another polyvore masterpiece ;)

as expected, there's been a fair share of "domestic dispute" (amongst many others, hubby's veto above!) and sadly, there's been unexpected drama involving our contractor and interior designer. the utmost unprofessional attitude and lack of interest where the latter was concerned so am glad they're out of the picture now. that's the good news...

the bad news is having terminated their services so late in the day means i have to start from scratch. thank goodness i started planned from early this year so i do roughly know what i want and now i just have to source for all the necessary furnishing. not sure if i'll be any good at putting all of them together though. there's still tons to do and not much time left. oh well, on the bright side, i can spend this next month doing what i so!

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