Sunday, October 09, 2011


the hubs decided earlier on to use the basement as a studio-office-media room, some sort of a man cave that i've begun referring to as the bachelor pad he never had (minus the supermodels of course!) it was only fair that i convert the small guest room adjoining his into to my own girly space. not that i really need one but i reckon it'll be my sanctuary  cum workshop to read, blog, plan parties, scrapbook etc. 

ilaika's room aside, this was to be the only space in the house which i could do up in florals, pinks and pastels...

the workshop

in one corner of the room, i'll have my desk with an ideas board which i'm going to attempt making once we move in. another corner will have a bench against the wall and a white-washed table for arts, craft and scrapbooking. at the other end of the room will be a book shelf and small lounge area with french doors that lead to a wooden outdoor patio.

surprisingly, the final moodboard above didn't have as many floral prints as i'd originally envisioned...but the pinks are definitely there ;) 

am not too sure what kind of decor this is called...perhaps something along the lines of shabby chic, romantic french parisian and bohemian chic...whatever it's called, i have a feeling this is going to be a really fun room to do up!

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