Monday, July 19, 2010

a weekend of parties w {fluffandstuff}, handmadekl & girls...

had a great weekend, which began with a {fluffandstuff} toy story 3 party on saturday morning. will be posting the pics up as soon as we get them together, but here's a sneak peek for now...


the boys are back in town!
our gift was a framed poster of the three birthday boys with their toy story friends ;)

on sunday, ilaika & i attended the handmadeKL craft party which i mentioned here. kudos to murni for the amazing effort to get us all together and for putting in so much thought to the lil things that made so much difference...


 this was our little corner. darling murni placed us at a comfy table, with enough space for us (ie ilaika) to make a mess and not bother anyone else ;) murni also took the trouble to print out everyone's names and personally chose images that she thought we might want to use. above were my "equipment" - mini curved scissors and a brush which were both provided by murni. ilaika was well-prepared...


 ...and brought her own tools...!


 my wondermilk cupcake which ilaika gladly devoured! 
murni made the toppers for everyone too.


 this was the end result - our lovely tea light decoupage!

ilaika & i had such a great morning getting crafty together ;) too bad we had to rush off before everyone else as i had a waffles & pancake date at 1pm. from what i understand, the craft party went on for another hour or so with games and a treasure hunt too! oh well, hopefully, we'll get to stay longer at the next craft party.

after such a busy morning with ilaika, i was so ready to drop her off at home and meet up with the girls, which is exactly what i did ;) 

i was off to the pink sage to have my waffles...


...and then to damansara heights for what turned out to be a lovely sunday afternoon vino party with three girlfriends and two bottles of prosecco...

at home later that nite, i lit the vanilla scented tea light and showed ilaika what it was for. here's how it looked...


it was a great weekend indeed!


  1. hi izreen! i've been so engrossed in my own daily routine that i've hardly had any time to browse the rest of the world out there...until now! i had been maidless since last october, so u can imagine how mad things hv been for me, hehe. but then, my former day maid popped by yesterday and said that she's no longer working as she's waiting to go balik kampung during ramadhan, and so she asked if she could help me around the house. "ting"! yess! oh yess! so, for the next few weeks or so i'll have some help and thus, more time for myself :). and that's how i'm here now, and wow, i must say, i really love what you're doing! it's really cool, esp this craft party of yours. and it got me to thinking, that if u n ur geng are keen to do some altered art with tins and boxes, just gimme a holler. we cud figure out how much we'd want to spend n then i'll get the necessary stuff to work with. how's that? i wud love to share my stuff w folks who believe in handmade crafts, esp when they're unique, one of a kind design. lemme know what u think ya... till then, ciao ciao, cheerio, take care, n stay pretty! :)

  2. hi jules! sorry...i've been tied up too! poor blog's been neglected ;p but on the bright side, i've got loads of interesting parties to update on!

    how's the household front? maid issue sorted i hope! mine's off in sept and i'm already dreading it.

    the craft party was organised by murni of mimpi murni. i'll let her know of your kind offer and we can see how we can all work together. it's all so crafty fun! ;p


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